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First World Telangana Convention by ATA from July 8th, 9th & 10th, 2016     Mandatory Youth Lock In Event Registration. Only 200 Tickets Total -:-     AMERICAN TELANGANA ASSOCIATION AMERICA TELANGANA SANGHAMU ATA    

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Dear Friends, Families and Dear ones,

On behalf of American Telangana Association, a hearty welcome to the 1 st World Telangana convention to be held on July 8 th ,9 th and 10 th at Suburban Show place, Novi, Michigan. We are very pleased to host the 1 st convention NOVI, DETROIT area because we feel that convention is brought to the people instead of bringing people to the convention. Additionally, the Michigan has rich American culture and also in nurturing and fostering Telugu culture in North America as well.

We are very proud at Detroit, Michigan that 1 st World Telangana Conference date is announced on April 23 rd and within 2 weeks, 200+ Chairs, Co-chairs and Volunteers groups have formed to help and support the conference. This proves that Detroit is the place to host and show the courage to celebrate the any Telugu convention because the people here are very generous in donating and helping to make the any event grand success.

The intent of the convention to host in Detroit to showcase the Telangana Culture to all the Indian community because the capital of Telangana – Hyderabad is a Cosmopolitan city and has the rich Indian culture. The convention also planned out of the box to showcase in Varity way of conducting the events to make it more memorable such as in the cultural, Social, Educational, Awards, Spiritual and many more of philanthropy activities …Just to give an example on the Sunday we have planned Sri Lakshmi Narsimha Swamy Kalyanam so and so forth.

Besides all day events on July 8 th ,9 th and 10 th , the event being supported by 35 Local Telangana Association of the Globe and all the Telangana and Telugu Associations of Michgan and also co-hosted by DTC and NRI Jagruthi.

We from American Telangana Association invite you to be part of this exciting, enjoyable and memorable event with your families, friends and dear ones. We look forward to meeting you on July 8 th ,9 th and 10 th at Novi, Detroit, Michigan for the 1 st World Telangana Conference.

Thank you all,

Vinod Kukunoor
American Telangana Association's First World Telangana Convention.

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