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First World Telangana Convention by ATA from July 8th, 9th & 10th, 2016     Mandatory Youth Lock In Event Registration. Only 200 Tickets Total -:-     AMERICAN TELANGANA ASSOCIATION AMERICA TELANGANA SANGHAMU ATA    

Vice-Convenor Message

Dear Friends,
It gives me a great pleasure and pride to welcome all of you to American Telanagana Association's First World Telangana Convention.

It is a great honor and privilege to be part of American Telangana Association from its inception.

I would like to thank all of our Board of Directors for giving me this opportunity to lead the First World Telangana Convention as Vice Convener. I appreciate all your confidence and trust.

This is going to be the first ever mega convention that is planned and executed in just 60 days. This will remain in the history books for ever.

It is our honor to host the First World Telangana convention in Detroit to showcase the rich culture and heritage of Talanagana by bringing the best blend of cultural, entertainment, literary and spiritual programs together during this event. I welcome all my friends, families, intellectuals, businessmen, dignitaries, leaders and artists to First World Telangana Convention.  Our goal is to make this convention a memorable event for everyone.

We appreciate all our Sponsors for their generous donations and support for this event. It is just because of the sponsors we can do all the service activities through American Telangana Association.

We appreciate all committee chairs, co-chairs and volunteers who are working everyday to make this event successful. There are more than 50 committees with around 250 people working many hours to showcase an excellent experience for all of us. I thank all of you from bottom of my heart for your dedication, commitment and selfless hours you are putting to make this convention a great success.

The event kicks of with a Grand Banquet on Friday night with great entertainment and awards dinner. Our teams are working together to give you all a scintillating experience with variety of food and entertainment programs. On Saturday we will kick start the day with great Inaugural showcase. Throughout the day you will experience many cultural and entertainment programs. There will be Youth sessions, Matrimonial sessions, Business sessions, CME, Shopping, Kids Activities, Networking and various other activities. In the night you will have a mega entertainment program with local and international performers and the day ends with a great live concert by Anup Rubens team.

Sunday, we will start with Spiritual programs and we will be performing Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy kalyanam.

We have packaged and handcrafted the programs to entertain all age categories. I request all of you to come join the event and make it a big success.

Thank you all,

Nagender Aytha
Vice Convener,
American Telangana Association's First World Telangana Convention.


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